Hi all! Welcome to my webpage. I am a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics & Operations Research, UNC-Chapel Hill. I am broadly interested in probability theory, and its applications, and have just begun research in this area.

Before coming to UNC, I got my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Statistics from the University of Calcutta in my hometown of Calcutta (Bengali: কলকাতা, Kalkātā).

Besides math, I am interested in linguistics and mathematical typography, and am on an ongoing, never-ending quest to find that perfect LaTeX template. In linguistics, my main interest has been historical linguistics, but more recently, I have gotten interested in minority languages of Eurasia, particularly, in the Caucasus and in the border region between Central and South Asia, where the Hindu Kuś, the Himālaya, the Pāmīr and the Qarāqorum mountain ranges collide — an area of tremendous linguistic diversity, shared among the countries of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, and Tajikistan.

In my spare time, I listen to folk music from all over Eurasia.

My name:

My name in Bengali is spelled সামপ্রিয় বসু (pronounced: [ˈs̠ämopˑɾ̞ijo ˈbos̠u], listen), which properly transliterated yields, Sāmapriẏa Basu. Unfortunately, long before I could spell, my father used Samopriya, with an o in the middle, which is the way it remains in all my official documents. This has to do with the fact that Bengali a‘s are pronounced /o/, and people are inconsistent in the way they romanize. However, being the language nerd I am, I wanted it spelled my way. Yet I was too lazy to put in the effort and have it officially changed. So, as a compromise, I use both spellings interchangeably — Samopriya officially, and either Samopriya or Sāmapriẏa in other circumstances, with a preference for the latter.

How to type my name in LaTeX? S\={a}mapri\.{y}a Basu.

Picture Credit:

The beautiful header image is of the Caucasus, taken by my friend Tamara Marzaganova (Ossetian: Марзаганты Тамарӕ, Marzaganty Tamaræ), a few hours from Vladikavkaz (Ossetian: Дзӕуджыхъӕу, Dzæudžyqæu), North Ossetia–Alania, Russia.